Water Inaccessibility in Rural Tennessee Luke Williamson C'21:
Storyfest 2019 Finalist
The People of the Forest Vanessa Moss (C'20):
Storyfest 2019 Finalist
Researching animals' response to
climate change through salamanders
Sounding the Headwaters
Nourishing our Community
with Local Farmers and Food
Harvest Hootenanny
Sewanee SHI Collects Newts,
Aids in Research
Green Fund Now Accepting Applications! Sewanee Green Fund
Takes Root
Domain 3D project inspires collaborative research
and unique student learning opportunities
Researching Sewanee's
Fascinating Subsurface

‌Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability


Our Vision: Empowered Human Communities. Resilient Natural Communities. 


Our Mission: To provide natural resource experiences that foster understanding of our place in the world. 




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